Misophonia@School – Inclusion Students with Misophonia Disease in European Schools” is a strategic Erasmus+ partnership (Key Action 201) developed thanks to the co-funding by the European Commission – Erasmus+ Program (Italian Agency). The project “Misophonia@School” aims to act at the educational level with two different objectives that currently seem to be the most important: First, at […]

Intergenerational ICT Skills

The importance and benefits of intergeneraltional ICT learning Intrapersonal Level The junior can experience the feeling of being useful and helpful The senior can experience the acquaintance of new competences Interpersonal Level Primal benefits are ICT skills for the senior and life stories for the junior Secondary benefit is consolidation and deepening of the relationship […]

HIinArch: Professional Qualification for Working with Natural and Sustainable Building Materials

Professional Qualification for Working with Natural and Sustainable Building Materials (D/02/B/F/PP-112 695) that developed a Curriculum and pedagogical materials. The project has won the best practice award of the German National Leonardo Agency BiBB. Picture: FAL e.V. The idea of long-term sustainable development on the earth brings also a rising demand for ecological building materials, […]

Financial Literacy

Many adults lack in an understanding of fundamental financial concepts. Debt counselling only reaches a minor fraction of the population and only when it is (almost) too late. The aspects of financial literacy should therefore be introduced to a larger part of the European population. The objectives of our Partnership are to: explore and develop […]

Stop Dropout!

Risk detection and flexible prevention against learners’ drop out The overall objective of the project is to reduce the drop out rates of learners in vocational education and training, by providing materials and tools for counsellors and trainers to develop their own skills in working with groups, to detect potential dropouts and the special characteristics […]

RAGElab Plus

RAGELabPlus was a Grundtvig multilateral project funded by the Europeon Commission under the Lifelong Learning Programme addressing trainers, teachers, counsellors working in vocational training and guidance with diverse, unemployed young adults. Partner organisations are experts in the fields of adult education, vocational training and guidance, scientific research and experience-based learning. The project’s main objective is […]

Key Competence Happiness

The main objective of the project is to establish “Happiness” as a horizontal theme in adult education and to consider the pursuit of happiness as a major key competence in order to adapt to changing society and the requirements of the labour market; and to strengthen adults’ self-confidence and promoting their personal fulfilment. Empirical happiness […]

Social Web Skills For Elder People

“Nowadays, older people try to learn how to use computers. They look for short duration courses specially prepared for them (e.g. in the 3rd age university). They do this in order not stay back, to understand their grandchildren, understand the language and the concepts they use. They also see ICT as a way to overcome […]

Fashion Talk

Attract Participation and Increase Learning Motivation of Young Adults Fashion plays an extremely important role in the lives of most juveniles and young adults. Peer groups create an intrinsic net of open or hidden requirements for the individual, and only persons with a high self-esteem and self-conscience dare to negate the dictate of fashion. For […]

Financial Literacy (FinLiCo)

Competencies for Adult Learners Financial literacy is the ability to understand money matters, to manage credit and debt and to make sound financial decisions. Considering the nowadays economical conjuncture it is urgent that citizens are given the appropriate instruments to manage their budgets and to become more aware of the several products and financial mechanisms […]