The Institute is a non-profit professional institution for social services, education, rehabilitation and the labour market. Through its mission and service provision, it works indirectly in the broad field of strengthening social dialogue, active citizenship, integration – especially in the labour market, and, above all, in the development of social innovations and their implementation in the community.

By providing professional and other specialist services in the field of vocational rehabilitation, community and social welfare programmes, we implement, among other activities, a series of educational seminars, workshops, lectures, consultations for professionals of various disciplines and human resource development in general, by using modern, innovative and educational-systemic approaches and methods in working with groups and individuals.

Through our professional activities, and in particular our commitment to innovation in our offer and programmes, we are also closely linked to the European social and educational network in the field of project development and adult learning.     

INTEGRA Institute employs specialised experts in:  

  • employment and vocational rehabilitation of people with disabilities
  • social management
  • personal development
  • developing human potential
  • counselling and therapeutic expertise
  • team building and team skills development
  • social innovation
  • quantum learning
  • research and development
  • project management

The professional staff and our colleagues are committed to continuous professional development in order to maintain their professional licences in the field in which they work, to acquire professional competences in terms of professional examinations in the field of each discipline, as well as in the field of social work, employment and pedagogical and pedagogical education.  This highly motivated team uses innovative, active, empathetic, integrative and, above all, effective methods that help clients to:   

  • receive training and education for successful integration into the labour market and employment;
  • explore their own potential;
  • develop their empowerment and personal skills ;
  • acquire competences in counselling and therapeutic processes.

All our trainings and projects are oriented and designed towards the development of the individual’s specific life and work situations, with an emphasis on respecting and taking into account their social and intercultural diversity and their needs. 

The Institute’s activities are based on social, educational and rehabilitation services and programmes, which are basically represented by the five pillars: