The importance and benefits of intergeneraltional ICT learning

Intrapersonal Level
  • The junior can experience the feeling of being useful and helpful
  • The senior can experience the acquaintance of new competences
Interpersonal Level
  • Primal benefits are ICT skills for the senior and life stories for the junior
  • Secondary benefit is consolidation and deepening of the relationship and possible motivation for other activities
Family Level
  • Members of different generations spend some efficient and creative time together
  • The family history will be conserved for next generations
Society Level
  • Learning from a family member composes of many emotional elements which can facilitate the learning process and be a source of additional knowledge to the facts learned at school
  • This way of making and preserving stories is an important way how to retain different points of view or different interpretations of a certain historical period as a source for critical discussion and broadening of one’s perspective

The project was active between 2008 and 2010. As the website is no longer active, please contact us directly in case you have any questions.