Who we are

Sonja Bercko Eisenreich
Director of the Integra Institute

The Institute is a non-profit professional institution for social services, education, rehabilitation and the labour market. Through its mission and service provision, it works indirectly in the broad field of strengthening social dialogue, active citizenship, integration – especially in the labour market, and, above all, in the development of social innovations and their implementation in the community.

By providing professional and other specialist services in the field of vocational rehabilitation, community and social welfare programmes, we implement, among other activities, a series of educational seminars, workshops, lectures, consultations for professionals of various disciplines and human resource development in general, by using modern, innovative and educational-systemic approaches and methods in working with groups and individuals.

Through our professional activities, and in particular our commitment to innovation in our offer and programmes, we are also closely linked to the European social and educational network in the field of project development and adult learning. 

Current Projects