The Institute is also actively involved in project work at national level, and in this way It implements new ideas which, when implemented, can open up the field for new projects, or even the development of new programmes that can fill systemic gaps.

The Institute’s professionals are also committed to the development of the profession, and it is the field of project work that enables professionals to build on existing programme opportunities, develop new social models and, above all, to develop personally and professionally.

Through their voluntary work, the Institute’s employees not only fulfil the Institute’s mission, based on its intermediary sphere of networking, but also enable the development of the community through new services and approaches in the field of human resources and social innovation.

community work

INTEGRA Institute is a member of several expert bodies at local, regional, national and international level, where it contributes and promotes development in terms of advanced knowledge through its expertise and experience in the fields of social service provision, integration, social innovation, employment and rehabilitation, especially for vulnerable groups. 

To this end, we organise and host the annual international conference for people with disabilities, “A Community for People with Disabilities”, as well as expert panels on disability and social exclusion of vulnerable groups.  In this way, our social, rehabilitation and educational activities are linked to the wider community.