Misophonia@School – Inclusion Students with Misophonia Disease in European Schools” is a strategic Erasmus+ partnership (Key Action 201) developed thanks to the co-funding by the European Commission – Erasmus+ Program (Italian Agency).

The project “Misophonia@School” aims to act at the educational level with two different objectives that currently seem to be the most important:

First, at the level of schools through the development of an online course for teachers and an innovative screening protocol based on the latest scientific evidence and developed as a mobile application that will enable elementary, middle and high school teachers to identify students with misophonia and manage their condition.

Second, at the level of students’ lives, by disseminating among students’ families (and other types of educators, sports coaches, etc.) open and scientifically based knowledge about misophonia-related issues that can affect various emotional, educational and developmental processes, through the establishment and operation of a European Misophonia Web Resource Center and the production of a methodological and scientific manual.

In order to achieve these goals, a partnership composed of eight countries was created, involving highly experienced organizations and professionals from Italy.

Project number: 2020-1-IT02-KA201-079622
Project duration: 31.8.2023
Link: https://misophonia-school.eu