Supporting migrant entrepreneurs in Europe is an effective means of improving their social and economic integration; providing them with equal opportunities to become economically self-sufficient in their host countries and therefore to create a more secure life for themselves and their families. Migrant entrepreneurs can also provide services and products to migrant communities across Europe which originate in their home countries; adding to the diversity of the European market, and providing a sense of familiarity to migrants who are far from home.

ReEntry will upskill and improve information provision to guidance and VET professionals who work directly with migrants and refugees as career advisors and coaches.

The project team will:

  • undertake a state-of-the-art research process to identify current supports for migrants and refugees;
  • identify and promote best practice in supporting migrants into entrepreneurship;
  • pilot an online interactive forum for networking and exchange of good practice between professionals and migrants.

The project homepage is available here: