Social Inclusion

The imperative of a successful modern society is based on the creation of community models that will ensure participation of individuals and groups in their social environment, and that contribute in this way with human resources to the added value.

Rapid changes in all spheres of life, particularly in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčemployment, have lead to a European-wide need to find models that allow inclusion of as many as possible unemployed people and to integrate them into the labour market. Individual institutions, such as Integra Institute, will help and support with their expertise and allow more active participation in the labour market.

The program of social inclusion that was formed and developed by Integra Institute is based on the latest advances in the field of social and vocational rehabilitation. The theoretical basis of the program is the global theory of preventing social exclusion and marginalization of individuals and groups. It is supported by practical work in occupation-oriented models that serve social enhancement of the individual, while obtaining their consolidation and job skills.