Vocational Rehabilitation


Integra Institute is one of the 14 providers of vocational rehabilitation services in Slovenia, where it has been awarded a concession from the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs.

Every disabled individual in Slovenia has a right to vocational rehabilitation services where the extent and duration are specified in the rehabilitation plan. There are about 15 services in order to qualify for appropriate work, to recruit and to retain a job and also to progress or change their career.

Under the Law on Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities, the status of a disabled person with long-term effects of physical or mental defect or disease has significantly less potential to recruit or maintain employment or advance in employment. Conditions and criteria for disability status are defined in Section II. Chapter ZZRZI.

All vocational rehabilitation services are lead, coordinated and evaluated by Integra‘s  professional team, consisting of full-time professionals with adequate technical training of medical, social, psychological and pedagogical sector, with the right skills in the field of rehabilitation, employment and disability resulting from specialization, additional education or training.v