Talk with me! The social way to learn a language

The market for web-based online education has risen by over 50 % in the past five years, and there is still no saturation in sight. Language teaching claims the largest share. However, most services deal with widely used languages only. Regarding European languages, this is true for English, Spanisch, French, German and Italian. Many other languages, especially “East European” languages are commercially under-represented and not marketed on a large scale.

Therefore, the objective of the project is

  • to develop web-based educational frameworks for language teaching and learning materials, for the less used European languages Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and Slovenian
  • to stimulate exchanges between the participants who want to tutor or be tutored in such systems by interactive features, e.g. forum, chat, or video, and
  • to enable an rich and multi-directional intercultural dialogu
  • to provide methodologies based on the real life interests of learners in order to motivate them and to attract also target groups that are less inclined to language learning

The products will be, for each of the languages mentioned above, a modular course management structure for an interactive online community that includes lessons, a diverse community, chat and motivational tools to keep learners on track in learning the respective language, and that will incorporate the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). In addition, the project will develop Didactic Guidelines how to introduce these materials within the framework of existing teaching schemes, with relation to the specific demand and need of individual users, to the specific learning cultures and to the requirements of vocational training providers.

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