Ragelab Plus - Violence prevention by experimental rage laboratory

Based on the GRUNDTVIG Learning Partnership „RageLab”, this project is aimed to satisfy the huge demand for developing an extensive Rage Laboratory Tool on a 3-stage-model (for trainers and counsellors), combining computer based (aggravating) games with physical experience including cultural and diverse aspects to improve self-awareness of young adult learners.

Stage 1: Virtual. By taking on characteristics of avatars (virtual characters) participants experience on an abstract level role models, behavioral models and emotions. A newly developed video-recording and computer-based evaluation programme will help to observe and record people’s reactions when playing violent virtual games (Internet-based games e.g. “World of Warcraft”, console-based games e.g. Wii-Console, Playstation) and provide significant indications for rage, anger or irritation. It is a first innovative step for strengthening physical self-awareness.

Stage 2: Physical. In a laboratory setting it is possible to act, move and feel aggression directly in your body by using e.g. kick-boxing or paint-ball and other previously selected good-practice tools. This laboratory is set up in a circuit of various stations and enables spontaneous release of pent-up emotion/aggression in a safe framework, professionally guided, recorded and reflected.

Stage 3: Reality. Anchoring happens by bringing experience into one line of energy-consciousness. Participants define own roles, similar to those of “avatars”, based on their reflections on their personal strengths and weaknesses.

This method will make self-empowerment visible, that enables self-confident decision-making in regard to actions in aggressive situations.
Guidelines for trainer/counsellors (e.g. process description, assessment questionnaire, instructions, background on the subject of aggression) will be produced. A trainer course will wrap up the final report.

Programme: Grundtvig MP
Project number: 504607-LLP-1-2009-1-IT-GRUNDTVIG-GMP