Social web skills for elder people

How do I motivate older people to join internet based social networks? To learn how to participate in social Networks?

The main target of our Learning Partnership is the development of a concept that shows how younger people can transfer their skills using new information and communication technologies (ICT), especially web 2.0 technologies, to senior citizens. Older people should learn to use the internet in order to participate in social networks, blogs, wiki, and digital picture and video platforms. In the course of the project they will produce themselves digital products (e.g. facebook profiles, wikis) and tell about their experiences. While older people will learn how to make use of Web 2.0 and how to use digital social networks, the project opens new learning chances also for younger people: acting as tutors they take responsability, and they will learn about the social potentials and historical backgrounds of the seniors. Thus the project contributes to promote the dialogue and the understanding between young and old, to reduce prejudices and to increase the tolerance between generations.

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