Love Language & more! Attract Participation and Increase Motivation of Young Male Language Learners

The “LoveLanguage” project is founded by the European Comission, under the Leonardo Da Vinci Transfer for Innovation Programme.

In order to pursuit our main goal, we have several objectives. Thus, our main objective is to enable young male adults with particular “foreign language learning resistance” to establish their “love for language” by increasing their interest and uptake of foreign languages and to increase their participation in the lifelong learning society.

More specifically, we will:

Transfer the results of two innovative language projects. Thus, from the Grundtvig project “Love Language & More! Attract Participation and Increase Motivation of Young Male Language Learners” it is implied the transference from the Czech Love Language partner into three European Countries: Portugal, Slovenia and Slovakia. In the KA2 project “Talk with me! The Social way to Learn a Language”, the aim is to transfer the knowledge from the Slovenian and Slovakian Talk with me partners to Portugal;
Update the contents of the curricula and handbooks and to include the use of ICT as a very useful incentive to agree on further learning, especially foreign language learning.

This project expects to deliver a set of deliverables and outcomes that will foster the development of strategies for young male learners.

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