Lifelong Learning Projects

Within the framework of European educational and regional development programmes, INTEGRA is acting as project coordinator or partner in the Lifelonbg Learning and Erasmus+ Projects


VET Teachers and Trainers Contra Radicalisation (2016)

ReEntry - Supports for Refugee Entrepreneurs (2016)

Smart Patients - Holistic Empowerment of Citizens to Become Experts in Their Own Health (2016)

Jobs for Work 4.0 – The Future of Employment (2016)

Validation of Competences Acquired in Volunteering (2016)

Therapy 2.0 - Counselling and Therapeutic Interactions with Digital Natives (2016)  

Youth Counselling against Radicalisation – a Holistic Approach to Support Vulnerable Adolescents (2015) 

Climate Literacy - a New Horizontal Theme in Adult and Vocational Education (2015)

Health and Social Care Promotion Materials That Focus on Intimacy and Sexuality in the Third Age (2014)

Developing Financial Competencies for EU Citizens Utilising Online Learning and Digital Literacy (2014)

Family Training to Support their Marginalized and Disadvantaged Members (2014)

Social Electricity Platform (2013)

Social Literacy training for public sector staff (2012)

Love Language & more! Attract Participation and Increase Motivation of Young Male Language Learners (2010)

Network to improve non-Formal Science teaching in Europe (2010)

Awareness Raising and Training Measures for The Istanbul Protocol in Europe (2010)

Financial Literacy competencies for adult learners (2010)

Social Web Skills for elder people (2010)

Key Competence Happiness - A New Horizontal Theme in Adult Education and Counselling (2009)

Stop Dropout - Risk detection and flexible prevention against learners’ drop out (2009)

e-Ecofarming - EQF E-learning Courses for Eco-Farming (2009)

Ragelab Plus - Violence prevention by experimental rage laboratory (2009)

Talk with me - the social way to learn a language (2008)

MikroMarkt - Holistic Micro Marketing for Women Farmers (2008)

HlinArch - Professional Qualification for Working with Natural and Sustainable Building Materials (2008)