Integra Institute

Integra, a non-profit organization

As a non-profit organisation we provide seminars, courses and workshops for education and training in relation to the work place and to society. We are also offering consulting and research in these fields in order to prepare the countries of the West Balkan who will soon become eligible for participating in European programmes.

At INTEGRA, we specialise on:

  • training of social competences
  • teambuilding and balance of competences
  • learning by contrasts (diversity & gender)
  • labor market related subjects such as job coaching
  • train-the-trainer programs

Our highly motivated team uses innovative, lively, empathetic and efficient methods for learners who want to

  • discover their potentials
  • develop individual strengths and skills
  • gain confidence in their own creative power

All our trainings and project designs take into consideration the specific life- and work-situations of our participants, and especially their respective intercultural situation.